Beauty Secrets Olga Freimuth

2010151All residents are well aware presenter Olga Freimuth transmission “Inspector” or “Inspector Freimuth.” This fragile blonde is always going ahead and never gives up. But it is not only the leader, but also a very attractive woman. Learn the secrets of her beauty.
1. Every woman is simply obliged to be well-groomed and take care of yourself – it is the invariable rule.
2. Freimuth teaches his daughter to be well-groomed. In her opinion, it should do all the women who have daughters.
3. Care is a leading trusts own team (make-up artist and hairdresser).
4. Breakfast is very important for Olga. She did not leave the house, if you do not eat. On her desk there is always the fruit of six species, meat, fish. Leading is not a sausage, as well as products on which there is cellulite. Do you want to be groomed after 30? Eat right!
5. What can be found in the bag Freimuth? Prayer Book, a collection of Lesia Ukrainka, purse, moisturizer and hand spray.
6. Freimuth likes to buy new things. In addition, it should always be in good shape and height. If something is missing, something bad mood is provided for the whole day. Even Olga loves to wear high heels.
7. Cosmetic procedures. Olga never did Botox injections, but did Biorevitalisation. This hydration of the deeper layers of the skin, she did it only twice. Note Freimuth believes that the wrinkles – it’s beautiful, and she loves them very much.

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