Beauty Secrets Oksana Fedorova

1410151Miss Universe 2002 – Oxana Fedorova. It is difficult to find a person who would not have admired the beauty of this woman. She’s fine, she has no flaws. Many men would like to see with this woman, but only a lucky one, Andrei Borodin.

What are the secrets of beauty is at this beauty?
1. The issue of a happy woman eyes.
2. If a woman is constantly changing hair color, she wants to relieve stress.
3. The make-up is always necessary to maintain a balance. No need to focus on the eyes or lips.
4. To restore the power, there is nothing better contrast shower.
5. A woman can not be beautiful in appearance, if only in her anger and envy.
6. The beauty of a woman depends on her food. If you eat properly, it is immediately affect the state of the skin and body.
7. Fedorov is not your wardrobe without white cotton shirt and cardigan.
8. Hair – a trump woman. Hair needs careful care. Fedorov regularly visit a beauty salon to perform treatments for hair, but also homemade mask still should not be overlooked. Hair is simply irreplaceable onion juice and olive oil.
9. In order to get in shape after childbirth, you need to play sports. Excellent stretching helps. The model has a personal trainer.
10. After training Fedorov takes a warm bath with the addition of milk. This is not only great impact on the skin (it becomes silky and hydrated), but also less sore muscles the next day.
11. In order to lose weight before the meal must be properly hungry.
12. Bath – this is a great place to be born again. Nothing can be better than the oak broom and the ice font. In the bath, you can always make a body scrub of coffee grounds or honey mixed with salt and grind yourself.
13. Before going to bed should always remove makeup. It is a rule that you should always perform and not make exceptions. Then apply on face cream and serum.
14. In the morning it is best to wash with ice water.
15. In order not to gain weight, you need to give up dinner. After delivery Fedorova renounced these dishes and products: bread, pizza, pasta and ravioli. How would you not like to eat it all, and no matter how hard it was – produced willpower.
16. If you are a new mother, it does not mean that this is a reason not to take care of yourself and not to engage in moderate exercise. The swimming pool, sign up for a massage and eat properly.
17. Confess your beloved husband in love. Try to spend more time together (walking, going to the theater, concert). After all, only loving woman can be truly happy and very beautiful.

Milk Baths According to Cleopatra’s Recipe

Oksana Fedorova in one of the interviews said that milk baths help her to maintain her youthful and smooth skin of her body and face. According to the actress, she borrowed this recipe from the legendary Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. As the story says, Cleopatra regularly took milk baths, which was the secret of her dazzling beauty. Oksana Fedorova prefers to add 2-3 liters of full-fat milk to the bath and mix it with water. Such baths after training contribute to faster muscle recovery, make the skin more tender and soft.

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