Beauty Secrets Natasha Koroleva

910151Natasha Koroleva is not only a famous singer, but also a very attractive woman. How she manages to be beautiful, well-groomed with such a tight tour schedule?
1. Sports. Training should be regular. Stop the constant search for excuses. Yes, laziness is difficult to win, so it’s best to hire a coach who will come straight home.
2. The need to keep weight under control. Yes, the ideal would be to eat properly, do not eat cakes and chocolate, but it’s hard to do. The singer allows himself to eat everything, but then actively practicing in the gym.
3. No plastic surgery to deal with excess weight. Queen outspoken opponent of these procedures. In her opinion, it is irresponsible. We need to lose a few kilograms? It’s much easier – give up sugar, coffee, salt, alcohol, and the evening meal.
4. Do not be too lazy to take care of themselves especially with age. Be sure to visit the spa, sauna (this advice is not just for famous women). Not everyone has the money for expensive beautician, then make their own masks at home. Believe me, the effect is worse.
5. Use the best natural cosmetics. The more women are naturally better. No artificial nails, eyelashes or hair. I appreciate what nature gave you. In the morning, wipe the face with ice and apply moisturizer.

Natasha Koroleva: I Excluded Milk

According to Natasha, one of the secrets of her slimness and youth is the rejection of dairy products. At the same time, she herself felt the need for it. According to the singer, at some point the body itself prompted her that after milk products there are unpleasant sensations and, therefore, she completely excluded them from the diet. In addition, Natasha does not use sausage or prepared foods, tries to avoid quick snacks, and prefers vegetables and fruits.

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