Beauty Secrets Catherine Strizhenova

28011Catherine Strizhenova be the envy of many women, because in 47 years, she looks great. Her perfect body proportions, appearance, properly selected style.

Today, she will share beauty secrets that will be helpful for all women.

Every woman is simply obliged to eat. Forget once and for all about the food from fast food. If you conduct a correct way of life, then you will always look attractive. It is best to eat separately (do not mix carbohydrates with proteins), and flatly refuse from eating sweets, cakes, pasta, bread and potatoes. Before going to bed, be sure to drink a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Facial skin care should be a daily and systematic. Especially it concerns those women who daily apply makeup. Every morning, the ice must be used for washing. You can make yourself at home. To do this, add the boiling water: chamomile, calendula, parsley, dill; then cool the mixture and put it in the refrigerator.
Regularly also need to do facials. To choose the right mask, you must carefully examine its composition. You can not buy cosmetics in haste and at random. According to the actress, winter masks should be more fat, and in the summer – a light, moisturizing. Strizhenova encourages all women to wash off makeup at night, otherwise the skin will become dry very fast and loose.

The condition of the hair and should be regularly monitored. In this case, the most important thing to choose the right shampoo and pamper your hair different masks. Only in this case will always look well-groomed and beautiful.

Yet we should not forget to visit the spa. The actress often visits the beautician and masseuse after a long tour. Sometimes Strizhenova visit a solarium. Do not forget to go to the bath. After her visit to the skin will be velvety soft, smooth and silky.

With regard to the slim figure of the actress, then this is largely the merit of dance. Strizhenova many years taking tango lessons. As everyone knows, it is one of the most passionate dance. It should be noted, even the actress playing sports, but only under the supervision of a trainer.

Strizhenova sure that quality sleep – it’s one of the biggest and most important beauty secrets. If you get enough sleep every day, it is immediately affect the state of your skin.

As for style, the actress prefers long dresses. This is not only convenient, but also makes a woman more beautiful and sexy. Dress should always be appropriate, not to go beyond appearances and match situation.