Beauty Secrets Alena Shishkova

1101168Alena Shishkova – socialite and former common-law wife Timothy. Most recently, she became a mother for the first time. How she managed to recover after giving birth to its former shape in such a short time? Today we all know it.

Shishkova many places huge amount of time to care for themselves. Note, it looks quite ambiguous and causes a lot of debate on the social networks. You can not please everyone. But it was not there – not all young mothers will be able to boast of such a magnificent body after childbirth. Many will say that it helps the nurse 24/7, and can at any time take a nap. But you can bet. There are many women who help, but they simply do not want to tear your ass off the couch and go to the gym. Sometimes money or time, can not help in this matter in the absence of an internal desire to look good.

With regard Shishkova is already a few months later she went to do in the gym. She also became more active to take care of his body. As you can see, the result is excellent. She is slim and beautiful.

Undoubtedly, after childbirth can not use many of the procedures, but simple recipes grandmother masks has not been canceled and is not prohibited. Shishkova uses a mask, which is based on olive oil (which is perfectly moisturizes the skin). Take a tablespoon of olive oil, add a little lemon essential oil and water. The resulting mixture is applied to the body, and the film wraps. Be sure to wear warm clothes. To go with the mask to 40 minutes to all properly absorbed. After that it is necessary to wash off in the shower. It is best to alternate hot and cold water – it’s great tones the skin. A mask with such a composition should be applied 3 times per week. Just do not forget, in addition to this is required to play sports and go for a massage. All these procedures provide an excellent effect, if combined in the complex.

Look good can absolutely every woman. The main thing is to be able to overcome his laziness.