Auburn Harry Potter one becomes an alcoholic

2503162One of the most colorful characters of the saga of “Harry Potter” actor Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley, is going through hard times.

Insiders close to the actor’s entourage told that lately Rupert observed all the signs of a severe and prolonged depression. According to friends, he often abuse alcohol. The other day the paparazzi managed to shoot a guy when he came out of the hotel. Appearance he was very unkempt – dirty hair, swollen face and sunken eyes like an inveterate alcoholic.

According to the fans, to the point he brought the decline of his career. After the triumph in about the “Harry Potter” movies, Grint practically ceased to appear. He tried to take part in some auditions, but never received any role. It seems that this was the reason why the young actor has decided to seek solace in alcohol.

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