At the auction exhibited a rare plate with recordings of songs “The Beatles”

01031611In nineteen hundred and sixtieth year of the last century in the British city of Liverpool was created vocal-instrumental ensemble under the name “The Beatles”, which many music lovers have nicknamed them “magnificent Quartet.”

During his tenure, the group managed to gain great fame among fans from many countries, but in spite of this, their existence the ensemble fell apart after ten years. And just recently, it was found plastic, released one of London’s stores, which recorded songs of the legendary band. Such a discovery found at one of the musicians of the time involved in other musical group, examining the unnecessary things in the attic. Despite the fact that this curiosity lay among the rubbish over half a century, it is quite well preserved, so it was decided to set the record for the auction, the initial price setting fourteen thousand dollars.

But most likely the price will grow rapidly, as this disc is a rare instance of musical works performed by members of the ensemble are “The Beatles”.