Aperitif Subjected to Research Scientists in London

After some research in the area of ??healthy nutrition, the researchers found that if a person drinks before eating a glass of wine, the food, he will use considerably more than originally expected. This is a manifestation of “appetizer effect.”

Quite often at dinner parties, and indeed in many restaurants, guests before the meal, offer an aperitif.

For often it is a glass of good wine. But if you are aiming for the harmony of its shape, it is not necessary to give in to this temptation.

Scientists said that alcohol triggers in the brain the feeling of hunger, and this is explained by the fact that a person consumes significantly more calories than if he gave up the same fault. This is the “effect of an appetizer.” Its result is that the brain switches to self-starvation mode.

In theory, things had to be completely different, because a glass of wine, on average, contains 160 calories. But research scientists Francis Crick Institute have shown that alcohol activates these neurons in our brain that “wake up” solely as a consequence of hunger. Therefore, you should blame these signaling pathways, if you pulled put his plate once a piece of something caloric.