Anna Semenovich swim in the ocean

200116-1Famous Russian singer and a sex symbol Anna Semenovich, decided in a special way mark Epiphany.

Russian Orthodox Christians this holiday is of great religious significance. In particular, it is believed that on this day in 988, Prince Vladimir baptized Rus.

Since then, Russian decided to celebrate this day, a rather unusual way – to swim in the rivers and reservoirs of frozen pre-cut through the ice on the water in the form of an Orthodox cross. However, since that time, Anna Semenovich was far from Russia, Thailand, no frozen rivers it could not find. However, the star did not lose and decided to just take a dip in the ocean.

Appropriate photo girl posted on his official page on Instagram. The caption to the photo, Anna said that unfortunately it is currently not possible to swim in the hole, so she decided to celebrate the Baptism in the ocean.