Angelina Jolie with her husband and children were on the market in Cambodia

Angelina JoliePlain and unremarkable day at one of the markets in Cambodia has turned into quite a stir after the star couple looked to Adzhelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, along with their children. In between shooting the film «War Machine», Brad decided to bring their spouse with their children in Cambodia, where they not only looked at the different cultural values ??and attractions, but also looked at the local market.

Jolie-Pitt familyNeedless to say that the appearance of the star couple has caused tremendous excitement among the other merchants and buyers. Many simply ran up to Brad with Angelina and asked them to make them self. It is noteworthy that the couple is very positive attitude to such proposals, and nobody denied in a joint photo. After the Jolie-Pitt family has made the necessary purchases, they went home, and not on luxury cars, and on a normal truck, which is common in Cambodia.
Recall that recently the media reported that Angelina Jolie is suffering from anorexia. How to write the world’s edition, the actress is very thin and looks recently, very tired.

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