Angelina Jolie told journalists revelations about their children

Angelina Jolie told journalists revelations about their childrenIn one of his last interviews, the famous Hollywood actress and director, as well as the mother of many children Angelina Jolie talked about what relationships are formed from her children.

Recall that the star Jolie-Pitt family grows as much as six children, most of them – adopted.

Speaking to reporters, Angelina Jolie said that he loved spending time with her children, despite the fact that they are time-consuming. In particular, the actress admitted that she often there are moments in life when she wants a break from business and just spend time with his family. But even in those moments when Angelina travels the world, children are not left unattended doting mother, because she always takes them with him on trips. This, Jolie explains their conscientious desire to Brad Pitt constantly provide care and warmth of their children, so they do not feel lonely.