Alcohol and Weight Loss – How to Combine This?

When you are going to lose weight and start to adhere to a certain diet, it is natural under the big prohibition the use of any alcoholic drinks gets.

Alcohol contains a lot of sugar, which prevents getting rid of fat and normalize your weight.

However, not so long ago a group of researchers from Ontario (Canada) published quite interesting results of research. It turns out that with moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages, you can not only not gain weight, but also accelerate the process of losing weight. It turns out that according to the results of scientific experiments of Canadian scientists, alcohol interferes with weight loss only if a person exceeds the permissible norm.

At the same time, they claim that 1 glass of red dry wine for women (up to 2 glasses for men) per day is an excellent prophylaxis against obesity and help in losing weight. In moderate doses, the wine activates blood circulation and metabolism, and also normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract.