A resident of the UK in the snow creates real masterpieces of art

17021611Many people in the world like winter, because, at this time, the earth is covered with white fluffy snow, through which you can make skiing, making snowmen and just enjoy the splendor that makes snow.

As it became known, a resident of the UK, Simon Beck is using these kinds of deposits for other purposes. In large areas of snow cover, snow pritaptyvaya using snowshoes, he manages to “paint” patterns of enormous size. Admire and try to capture his works all the skiers, who are close to him.

On creation of such creations sometimes he has to spend a whole day or even more. After finishing his work, Simon photographed it, then add pictures to the collection, which already has nearly two hundred photos. The only thing that it prevents the creation of such works, it is the weather, because, due to the wind or of sudden snowfall, it is necessary to stop the work on the creation of patterns, leaving it unfinished. Despite the fact that his works are not stored for a long time, the work done by Simon gets great pleasure.

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